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Food chopper safety instructions


Safety instructions
1. Place the food to be chopped near the food chopper to prepare for processing.
2. Lock the cover (the shredder will only start working normally if the cover is locked)
3. Turn on the circuit breaker or wall power switch or plug in the machine's power plug. 
4. Carefully place the food into the chopper mixer cup and the processing is done during the rotation of the food in the mixing cup.
5. When you feel that the food has been processed to the desired state, press the start/stop switch inward.
6. Turn off the circuit breaker or wall power switch, or unplug the machine.
7. When the shredder is completely stopped, use a squeegee to remove food from the stir cup.
Safety cleaning instructions
1. Remove the processed food from the chopper stir cup.
2. Unlock and pull up the container cover.
3. Remove the filter plate between the chopper blades to maintain cleanliness.
4. Turn the blade drive shaft to turn the blade to the horizontal position.
5. Remove the blade from the blade drive shaft. First loosen the handle of the fixed blade and carefully slide the blade off the shaft.
6. Clean, rinse and disinfect the blade.
7. To move the stir cup, turn it clockwise and pull it up from the stand.
8. Clean, rinse and disinfect containers, filter plates, handles and chopper exterior.
9. Reinstall the chopper and tighten the handle.

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